Aqualine Elite Hand Paddles


Swim Paddles

The Aqualine Elite Hand Paddles feature a new design than our standard hand paddles. The Elite Paddles feature a strip of silicone around the entire paddles. No longer will your paddle be transformed into a weapon cutting into other peoples hands as you pass them by in the lane. The paddles feature a mix of silicone and polypropylene, providing a comfortable fit. 

The contour paddle shape provides a custom, comfortable fit and the range of sizes fit most hand shapes. These are perfect for strengthening the arms, shoulders and backs, and to further perfect stroke and technique.


  • Made from silicone and Polypropylene
  • Tube straps around the finger and the wrist
  • Contour shape that fits the hand perfectly
  • Perfect for strengthening arms, shoulders, and back
  • Perfect stroke and technique
  • Available in two sizes

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