Aqualine Short Training Fins


Swimming Fins

The Aqualine Training Fins are reasonably short fins excellent for swimmers who are wishing to perfect and strengthen their kick. They are ideal for resistance training, as well as for building stamina.  Aqualine Training Fins are a compact and comfortable training fin constructed from 100% silicone. To increase the level of comfort they have a soft heel and foot pocket. The stiff blade is great for optimum power!


  • Training fins are constructed from 100% silicone
  • Training fins have a soft heel and foot pocket for excellent comfort
  • Stiff blade for optimum power
  • Compact and comfortable
  • Ideal for resistance training and building stamina
  • Available in 7 sizes!
  • NB: not available for shipping outside New Zealand

Size Information:

  • Size 33/34: (Shoe 3-4 US) 220-225mm
  • Size 35/36: (Shoe 4-5 US) 230-235mm
  • Size 37/38: (Shoe 5-6 US) 240-245mm
  • Size 39/40: (Shoe 6-7 US) 250-255mm
  • Size 41/42: (Shoe 8-9 US) 260-265mm
  • Size 43/44: (Shoe 10-11 US) 270-275mm
  • Size 45/46: (Shoe 12-13 US) 280-285mm

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