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Geoff W

Aqualine Elite Goggle

My new googles are a revelation, they are beautifully made and the seal on to my face does not allow any water to pass through, considering there is a suction between them I expected a little water to be sucked in but no. I would heartily recommend these to any one.

Jennifer B

Aqualine Tri-Glide Mask

I love these goggles so much I have just bought a pair for a friend. They protect my eyes so we’ll and give such clarity in the sea.

Lou H

Aqualine Oracle Junior Goggle

I got these for my niece and she loves them! Didn’t fog up at all like other googles and very easy to adjust. Will be buying some for my other niece. Highly recommend!

Hana K

Aqualine Lycra Swim Cap

Aqualine Fabric swim caps are excellent.
Does not pinch your hair when placing over your head like other rubber / silicon types of caps.
Best thing is you don't sweat in them.

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