Aqualine Elite Long Hair Silicone Swim Cap

Color: Black

Long Hair Silicone Swim Cap

The Aqualine Elite cap may look like something out of Star Wars when in the packet, but once that head of yours is snug inside it, your head will be transformed into an aerodynamic part of your body which will cut through the water at speed. Depending on how fast you're swimming.

Of course we realise everyone out there isn't an Olympic athlete, so this cap is also great for keeping long hair out of your face. We quite often get asked here at Aqualine HQ if there's a cap out there that'll keep your hair dry. Short answer is 'no' but this will be the best cap to consider if that is your end goal! 


  • Constructed from heavy soft silicone
  • Ultra comfortable fit
  • Covers the ears!
  • Great for those with long hair
  • Available in 5 colours

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