Aqualine Inflatable Swim Ring 3-6y

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Kids Inflatable Swim Ring

Get ready to dive into the watery wonderland with the Aqualine Swim Ring 3-6y! This inflatable ring is a must-have for kids who want to splash their way to water confidence and have an absolute blast in the pool. Get ready for some serious fun in the sun!

Crafted from super-duper high-quality, ultra-durable PVC, this swim ring is built to withstand all the water escapades your little one can imagine. Equipped with our ingenious 2-chamber system, we've got safety covered like a guardian angel. And guess what? Our trusty non-return valves take safety to a whole new level, making this product the epitome of safety goodness!

Planning a family vacation? No worries! This swim ring is a packing wizard. It's lightweight, easy to pack, and guaranteed to bring smiles that stretch from ear to ear wherever you go!

And hey, we take quality seriously. Our Aqualine Swim Ring 3-6y is manufactured to meet the highest Australian/European standards, so you can enjoy the water wonderland with complete peace of mind.


  • Crafted from top-notch, durable PVC sheeting that laughs in the face of water adventures.
  • With its perfect 60cm size, it's the ultimate companion for children aged 3-6. Get ready to conquer the water world, little champions!
  • Our two-chamber system is the superhero of safety, ensuring your child's water adventures are worry-free.
  • Equipped with our mighty non-return valve, this swim ring is as safe as a vault full of treasures!
  • Ideal for young water enthusiasts who want to unleash their inner mermaids and mermen while building water confidence.
  • Available in vibrant Orange with dark Blue, because swimming should always be a colorful fiesta!
  • Age range: 3-6 years (19-30kg) - it's time to make waves and create memories that will last a lifetime!

So, what are you waiting for? Grab the Aqualine Swim Ring and get ready for a water adventure that will make your little one's smile reach new depths! Safety, durability, and endless giggles await in every splash, dive, and cannonball!