Aqualine Lycra Swim Cap

Color: Black

Lycra Swim Caps

The Aqualine Lycra swim cap is the largest lycra cap in our range, but among the general public, this is the most popular size. It may be because as New Zealander's we may just have big heads, or it may be the amazing locks of hair that we all have. This cap is a popular amoung our range for kids and adults.

Lycra Caps are perfect for those wanting to keep the hair out of your face, and for those who dislike the feel of silicone pulling your skin in every other direction.


  • Lycra caps keeps hair out of face
  • Lycra caps does not keep hair dry
  • Available in 6 funky colours
  • Great for children learning to swim
  • Most popular size
  • Care instructions - rince out after every use

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