Aqualine Funkies Goggle

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Color: Blue Red

Kids Swim Goggles

The Aqualine Funkies goggle is aptly named. The colours are bright, and they're fuuuuun! With these little beauties you'll find curved lens, and even curved gaskets to allow that perfect fit to any child's face. Funkies are a great selection for those doing swimming lessons, or for general play!


  • Children's goggle
  • Super soft silicone eye piece
  • Curved Lens and curved gaskets for that perfect fit, and more vision.
  • Bright colours!
  • Teardrop eye shape
  • UV and Anti-Fog
  • Age: 3-12


Children's Goggle
Children's goggles usually fit a wide variety of children's faces. It all comes down to the colour, and the look, and of course keeping the chlorine out of their eyes. Keep to the age range suggested and you should be fine! These are perfect for swimming lessons, and for play.

    Goggles fog up when warm air meets the colder than air lenses, causing condensation. Anti-fog treatment is a surface coating one the inner surface of the lenses. Anti-fog prevents the condensation of the water in the form of small droplets on a surface which resemble fog and provides clear vision to the swimmer. 

    UV Protection
    Increased exposure to UV light damages the eyes especially the place where the reflectivity is high. UV protection lens provide 100% protection from harmful UVA and UVB rays and provide better eye protection without sacrificing light transmission or vision.

    How do I put my goggles on properly?
    We suggest starting by holding the lenses snug to your eye sockets until they’re positioned correctly. Hold in place with one hand. Next, pull the goggle strap into place, and re-adjust the lens position if necessary. The best fit will give you a comfortable even pressure around your eye and a slight suction. 
    How should I look after my goggles?
    Looking after your goggles properly will help you extend their life. Our top tips for looking after your goggles are:

    • Keep them in the case they come in
    • Rinse them in fresh water after each use. Do not use soapy water.
    • Leave goggles to air dry after rinsing
    • Never touch the inside of the lens, this could remove the anti-fog coating
    • Keep goggles out of sun while not in use

    What can I do if I receive my goggles and they don't fit?
    If your goggles don't fit, send them back to us unused, with the stickers still on the lens, and in the case it came in, within 30 days and we'll provide you with a refund minus shipping.

    Customer Reviews

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Claudine M.

    My girls love there swim goggles , comfortable and easy around the eyes

    Jennifer T.

    Great googles. Soft around the eyes and no fogging!

    Emma S.

    FUNKIES Googles are certainly a favourite, easy to get on/off no tears or dramas.
    My son said they were really comfortable, and could see clearly in the water.
    Will be purchasing this brand in the future.

    James W.

    Very comfortable goggles

    James W.

    My kids love them. They're so comfortable.